BRAUN Lightning Solutions

Historic Gas Street Lamps


Future Lighting Solutions | 14.05.2009 

Gas street lamps have largely gone the way of the horse and buggy, but cities like Berlin, Prague and Warsaw and even a few towns and neighborhoods in the U.S. have clung to their historic gas lights because of their old-time-charm. Berlin-based Braun Schaltgeräte & Service caters exclusively to this market, maintaining existing gas lamps as well as manufacturing new ones that
duplicate the older designs. Now Braun is expanding into LED retrofit systems
that cut energy costs as well as multiplying lamp life by a factor of more
than 10. With Future Lightning Solutions supplying LUXEON® Rebel LEDs and
providing vital support services such as optical modeling to achieve the proper light distribution, Braun installed eight ‘LED-GASlights’ on a well-known public square in Berlin in early 2009 and began approaching municipalities looking for gas lamp retrofits.